This is where you will be able to read about the process that each piece from Zen Ring Co goes through before it reaches its new loving owner! 

All the magic happens at the bench. I call it the Zen Den. This is where I handcraft each piece and spend most of my time. After Ive finished making the piece, it goes through many processes. Starting with what I call  pre-tumbler polishing which takes 15 - 20 mins. Next it is put into the tumbler for 12-15 hours. The tumbler strengthens and polishes the metal! I use it so that when you get your new piece it will last many years to come. After that it goes through a 5-7 step polishing process! And finally, it gets packaged up and sent to your front door!

I take so much pride in each piece and I wont ever send something out that I am not proud of. I love silversmithing and creating, its my therapy and happy place. Im so grateful that I can share my creations with you all!