Hello everyone! I chose to create Zen Ring Co after I found some inspiration relating to silversmithing! After I decided this was what I wanted to do I worked so hard to get all of the tools and materials needed to be a successful silversmith. This took me 3 days to earn enough money for everything. I used to sell hand made bracelets and I sold about 30 of them within 72 hours and then it took me a month to fulfill all of those orders and here we are! 

Due to Covid and my mom being high risk I have been stuck at home since march and this is something i enjoy doing to fill my time.

In my spare time I watched countless videos of soldering and silversmithing and doing endless research on sourcing gemstones and finding places to buy my metal. Once I was able to begin practicing creating jewelery it felt like second nature. I love the whole process of creating something beautiful. It is really rewarding to see something go from a few pieces of metal into a piece of jewelery.

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