Every piece is handcrafted from square one by a solo self-taught metalsmith, me. They are created with some handy tools and a hell of a lot of hours of blood sweat and tears, but more importantly, love and dedication. I take so much pride in every piece I create because they arent intended to be short term adornments but long-lasting heirlooms to be passed down the future generations.

Each piece is intended to be art in jewelry form. I connect with the stone when designing it, to create a home it wants to be in. If I am in a creative rut, I try to find inspiration in the stones healing properties and/ or where it is found on this lovely planet.

Meet the Maker:

Hi! My name is Ryann, and I am 17! I have a dog named pip and were the best of buds. I have always had a love for crystals and rocks! I used to run a lot, and, on my runs, I would collect rocks that stood out to me. I am a firm believer that there is energy in all things! Ever since I was little, I was in love with using my hands to create. If anyone was ever looking for me, I was most likely with my dad in the garage using some power tools. So, I used that same love for creating and fearlessness of using equipment to teach myself the art of metalsmithing! I fell in love with smithing and all the work that goes into it, instantly. I have so much fun learning new techniques and just creating in general. And it makes me so happy that I can share that love with a bunch of amazing souls.